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The family of Layne and Betsy Bangerter has always held a high esteem and appreciation for horses, specifically Quarter Horses, as they have used them for ranch work, hunting and riding. The Bangerters have planned their lives around family and horses. Each of their sons have become expert horse trainers. When their youngest son, Eli married Alleyna McDonald, now Alleyna Bangerter, she showed Eli her love of the Arabian horse which soon became a major part of the operations at The Bangerter's Ranch. Alleyna and her siblings grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona on their family's internationally renowned arabian horse ranch, McDonald Arabians. Now the Bangerters are one of those families fortunate enough to use their beautiful property as a successful breeding program. Each mare and foal cross are selected by Kenny McDonald, Eli's brother-in-law. Kenny has won several national titles and has traveled the world training horses. He is also the owner of KM International Show Training located in Scottsdale, Arizona. We take great pride and love in everything we do with these amazing animals.



Lovely PCF

Shareleeze PA

Viva La Diva DCA

MGM Mistic Jade

Samara PA

SQ Haifa

Bella Maria PA

Daeneryahs SA

Astar Is Born PA

Anastacia Rose

Amerikan Beauty PA

Amerikan Style PA

Royal T Aria

Benecio PCF
PCF Forever Love by Ever After NA

Cadance PA
Lily Rose by Picazso

Psyundance SP
Dream Diva DCA by Centurion MM

Jalil CA
MS Mistic Fawn by Arbiteur

CW Stallone
Serenity PA by Picazso

Norma Jean by Versace

CW Stallone
Belladona PA by Maquerade PA

Eminence PS
Martini FBA by ZT Marwteyn

Cadance PA
Star of Marajj by Marajj

Baha AA
Mysteri Rose by Mazkarade

Cadance PA
Miss America PA by Versace

Cadance PA
Miss America PA by Versace

Royal T Phorte
WH Passant by Emanor

In foal by Cadance PA

In foal by Polidoro FC


In foal by Berlin MP


In foal by Berlin MP


In foal by Cadance PA

In foal by Polidoro FC

In foal by Preludio FC

In foal by Porthos

In foal by Porthos

In foal by Damir Javar

In foal by Berlin MP

In foal by Polidoro FC

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