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All from our fields

Bangerter Premium Alfalfa and Grass Hay.

Two string bales weighing about 70-80 pounds.

great for horses.

We also sell feeder hay for cattle and goats.
Come pick it up right out of the field for a discount.

Hay for sale Southern Utah.

All of our irrigation is done off of gravity fed watering system designed by Gunlock resident, Jay Leavitt. All the water comes from the Santa Clara River that runs through the middle of Bangerter Ranch. This valuable resource is able to farm two pivots that were installed in 2022 and several other meadows and pastures. Wheel lines, handlines, and pvc sprinkler pipe are also used.



We are a family-run business located in Gunlock, Utah. Our mission is to provide a unique experience for interns to learn about the craft of farming and ranching.

At Eagle Mountain Ranch, we offer internships that will give you the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in all aspects of ranch life. We are always looking for new interns to join us and contribute to our mission. If you’re interested in learning more, apply now and start working with us.


The Ranch.

Eagle Mountain Ranch is tucked into its own private valley with several acres of farmland with grass meadows and alfalfa fields all grown to feed horses and cows. 



We operate a small cattle and grazing program. Calving is usually in the fall/winter. We focus on preserving the land with strategized grazing that benefits and regenerates the landscape. 


Arabian mares are bred every year. Foaling will be in late April and early May. We have to keep watch on them to make sure they survive and birth normally. Daily chores with horses include cleaning the stalls and making sure they have feed and water. We may need to assist the vet when he is present.

This is not a huge cowboy outfit, but if you are skilled and competent, we may use your

abilities with horse handling or training.

The Farm.

Irrigation starts March 1 and ends October 15. This will be the #1 priority during the growing season. 

Half of the farm is fully automatic with 2 pivots that need to be manually turned on and observed. 

3 other fields have wheel-lines that need to be moved every 12 hours. Usually 7 am and 7 pm. Moving these fields should only take 1 hour max to get everything moved.

Meadows are irrigated through pvc sprinkler pipe and are all manually operated. 


Harvesting and Selling Hay.

Jobs include, driving a swather, baler, stack wagon, covering hay, fertilizing, trapping gophers, picking rocks and sticks, spraying weeds, and other farm jobs. We may have you deliver hay to customers or help people load and buy hay. 

Basic knowledge on how to operate and maintain equipment is encouraged.


Grounds Keeping 

We have a lot of events and guests that stay at this ranch. Part of this job includes basic lawn care. We provide the equipment necessary. Mowing, weed whacking, and sprinkler repair. Try to make everything look nice. This is a 5 star venue.


Fix broken things/ BE PROACTIVE

Basic machinery maintenance. Welding and fencing projects. Chainsawing. Jobs will change depending on priority and importance. We keep a running list of things that need to get done and always try to be proactive. 



Job provides housing and food 

This is not a paid internship. Click here to Apply on Handshake

This is for college credit and real life ranching and farming experience.


  • No smoking, no drinking, no drugs.

  • You must maintain common area cleanliness with respect towards the house and property

  • Interns may not bring their own horse or dog. This is primarily due to the risk of injury to both. 

Our Fields 

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150 W 1400 N 

Gunlock Utah, 84733


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