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About Eagle Mountain Ranch

Owned by Layne and Betsy Bangerter, managed by their son Eli and his wife Alleyna Bangerter, this ranch is all about great times, good friends, and family. Layne and Betsy moved to Gunlock, Utah in September of 2021 and are very passionate about the history, landscape, fish, wildlife,  and water of southern Utah. 

Owners of Eagle Mountain Ranch
Event Venue

Before moving to Gunlock, Utah, Layne and Betsy Bangerter grew up in Alpine and Orem. They then raised their family of eight children in Melba, Idaho where they lived for over thirty years. In Idaho, they farmed and ranched raising horses and cattle.

Family has always been the most important thing to the Bangerters. With such special family ties to Gunlock and Santa Clara through Layne's (4th Great) Grandfather Oscar Hamblin and his well known uncle's Jacob Hamblin, William Haynes Hamblin, aka "Gunlock Bill", the spirit of those who came here before is tangible at the ranch.

 Layne and Betsy continue ranching and have included more of their passions, sharing their amazing property through short-term vacation rentals at the cabin and hosting events at the venue. There's something for everyone to explore and enjoy at Eagle Mountain Ranch.

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